Release and Restore : Muscle and Joint Restoration for Dancers

Image of Release and Restore : Muscle and Joint Restoration for Dancers

What: Conditioning and restoration for ‘Athletic Dancers’ ;Breakers, Rockers, House, Jazz, Hip Hop, etc...

60 minute bodyweight flow workout / partner stretching lesson
30 minutes of self restoration, sample exercises, and questions, tips and tricks for physical and mental healing.

Class Theme: Thoracic mobility and hip opening.

When: Saturday 2/22 3:00pm-4:30pm

Where: Wondrous Studio of Breaking 10 Goodwin Place Brooklyn 11222

Why: We ain’t getting any younger. Let’s open our spine, hearts, and hips. Knowledge, bands, balls, and tools will be provided. All you need is you and your desire to restore and heal yourself.

How: $20 drop-in $15 Wondrous Studio class pass holders.

Partnered by: Wondrous & Ladies Adios

We’re sculpting our bodies with each of our dance moves. With movement, muscles and joints contour and stick to create stability, shape, and structure. In time and with repetition this creates over tight muscles and compensated joint movements.

With repetitive dance and exercise patterns, overused muscles, and excessive training we’re getting tighter and less mobile.

Discover, yet, how to relieve tight muscles, and discover new ranges of motion. Through soft tissue release, full range of motion joint mobility, and strength training with proper joint mechanics we can achieve our own self restoration.

We hope to see you there!